The name LAUGHING GULL CHOCOLATES is a trifecta: a fun reminder of the company's roots by the ocean, a reminder of our goal to always make people laugh through delicious chocolate and our positive mission, and finally, a tribute to founder Lindsay's grandmother, an avid bird lover and chocoholic.



Lindsay has devoted time and passion in developing a meaningful mission, delicious recipes, and a strong business. In addition to sharing her love of chocolate with the community, Lindsay makes sure that all ingredients in Laughing Gull products are ethically and locally produced. Throughout the process, Lindsay uses chocolate as a catalyst to make a difference in the community and around the world. In fact, this summer, she had the opportunity to visit a small cacao farm in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam - in the first of what she hopes will be many trips around the world, to bring back chocolate experiences. 


Ever the chocoholic, (and tree lover), Lindsay grew up in a family of bakers and sweet tooths, who instilled in her social justice values. These aspects of her life merged at Skidmore College when she wrote her capstone paper on the history of the morality of chocolate. She had spent time in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, just over the border of El Paso, at a time when fair trade coffee was just emerging, and the effects of this trade had a great impact on Lindsay. As graduation neared, and the question of a career post graduation was more frequent, she started telling people she was going to "save the world with chocolate." The clear vision and path would come much later, after working in the non-profit world, and with the support of the food business incubator, Hope & Main. Ten years after the idea was conceived, Laughing Gull Chocolates sold its first box of chocolate truffles, and the business was off and running! 

1868 E Main St, Rochester, NY


Tuesday - Saturday, 9am-5pm